Rhythmic Fractals of Earths Imagination

by Kalpataru Tree

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Ilya Surmay
Ilya Surmay thumbnail
Ilya Surmay I was waiting for this album for a quite long time and now I feel like every second was worth it. It's never been so hard for me to pick a favorite track because every time I listen one of these I think "Yeah, that's my favorite". Strong grooves, memorable bass and guitar riffs, mystic synth sounds are blending into one sonic miracle in its most psychedelic form. Amazing work, 10/10! Favorite track: Incubation Awakening.
Rod Herrera
Rod Herrera thumbnail
Rod Herrera I'm so thankful for being alive at the same time you are and have the opportunity to listen to your music as many times as I possibly can.

Have followed your work since Scattered Fragments originally came out and from that point forward your music has been souls soothing, shaking my feelings and tears album after album. I just can't find words enough to thank you.

Please keep creating! I'm sure there are plenty people like me that are deeply in love with your music. Thanks Curtis. Favorite track: Conversations with Plants.
Adrian-Bogdan Moruţ
Adrian-Bogdan Moruţ thumbnail
Adrian-Bogdan Moruţ Great music for critical listening (or "deep listening"), lots of mesmerizing detail to hear on pretty much every single track.


Somewhere between waking life and the dream world, between the digital grids and mycelial webs, where the information of consciousness stored deep within the earth sprouts upwards into being, fractals of space and time dance as form, color, and sound. We swim in these Rhythmic Fractals of Earths Imagination, stretching from the deepest past through the present into the future as the living intelligence of Nature.

With this newest release, Kalpataru Tree weaves eight sonic tapestries of sound together into journeys of imagination to get lost in. A suitable soundtrack for dreamers, artists, wanderers, mystics, visionaries, engineers, designers, lovers, and magicians.

Rooted in ambient sensibilities, but transcending genre into limitless ecstatic flights of inspiration, guitar and bass riffs weave into driving arpeggiated synth and carry us upward into into uncharted ineffable expression. In devotion and service to the mystery that all life shares.


released February 16, 2018

All Instrumentation and Production by Curtis Humphrey
Vocals on "Skydancers" By Willow River
Vocals on "Gaia Tree Dub" By Aniya Maya
Album Mastered by Jake Perrine
Album Art by Sean Fletcher (www.infiniteinspirationart.com)
Cover Design by Digital Mirror Graphics (www.ilovecaseyhouse.com)


all rights reserved



Kalpataru Tree Ashland, Oregon

The Kalpataru Tree sound is sculpted with a sacred intention of healing through inspiring imagination. Distilled from the souls peak experiences into sonic form, etheric realms unfold riding along a dub backbone. Music in devotion to the mystery. A prayer of sound in resonance with dream like unfoldings of this present reality unfolding. ... more

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